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EcoLearners New York

Empowering the Next Generation


About Us

EcoLearners New York is one of the many chapters of Ecolearning Together (Ecolearners), a youth-led nonprofit organization committed to advocating for climate change awareness. EcoLearners New York strives to continue the organization's work by advocating from our perspective as city dwellers. We want to make our urban community a better place, and one of the best places to start is to make information more accessible and easily digestible. 

Youth Organization Services

Since the moment we were founded, we have nurtured our community’s youth and provided them an opportunity to unleash their inner potential. Get in touch today to learn more about how EcoLearners New York and its parent organization Ecolearning Together help their communities. 

Germinated Plant


The Ecolearning Together chapter program is run by youth leaders internationally. Our restoration programs aims to increase biodiversity and remove harmful litter polluting food and water sources. We have so far successfully planted over 2,000 trees, restored over 300 hectares of land, and cleaned 1 ton of trash! 



The organization hosts a multitude of events for fundraising and outreach. EcoLearners New York hosted an event in June in Majora Carter's cafe and passed out over 100 bookmarks with the organization's logo! Now, Ecolearning Together is focusing on an auction to fund restoration efforts for children internationally. We hope to accomplish much more in the near future, so please give the website a look for any updates that may be of interest to you. 

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